Rany Battikh

Shogun – Neo Geo Supergun by BeharBros

The BeharBros just announced a new supergun specifically designed for use with Neo Geo MVS boards, called “Shogun“. This is BeharBros‘s latest addition to their on-going line of Neo Geo related paraphernalia that includes the VGA16, RGB16 and the upcoming consolized MVS.

While all Neo Geo MVS boards communicate with arcade setups (cabinets or superguns) through a standard 56-pin JAMMA edge connector, only the 1-slot models, except for the MV1 and MV1F, are fully JAMMA compatible as they output mono sound and use a 4-button layout per player. On the other hand, 2, 4 and 6-slot boards use a slightly different pinout since they output stereo sound and usually require an additional button to select through games/slots.

This is where the Shogun comes into play, as it presents itself as a Neo Geo focused supergun and a plug-and-play solution for all MVS boards.

Here are some of the Shogun’s main features:

  • Impedance matching, amplified RGB video output through Euro Scart connector, properly tuned for the MVS.
  • Includes a low-pass filter that can be enabled or disabled.
  • Stereo audio output, attenuated or line-in selectable.
  • 2x Neo Geo controller ports.
  • LCD Voltmeter for the 5v input.
  • Outputs RGBs Csync, perfectly safe for use with the OSSC
  • Test, Service and Coin1 push-buttons.
  • Includes a high quality custom power cable with 6 pin Mini Fit Jr. connector (2xGND, 2x5V, 1x12v).
  • Custom designed, transparent smoke, 3mm, laser etched, plexiglass shell.
The Shogun is equipped with a THS7374 video amplifier and the circuitry around it has been carefully tweaked to perfectly match/properly attenuate the MVS’s video signal. I asked Yosi, from the BeharBros, about the Shogun‘s compatibility with other JAMMA boards and he stated that while it most likely will display incorrect colors when used in conjunction with non-Neo Geo boards, it could serve as audio testing rig as its on-board audio attenuator can accept a mono signal. The Sammy Atomiswave in particular can be hooked up to the Shogun and take advantage of its 5-button wiring, then outputs 15 and 31Khz RGBs through the (Atomiswave’s) D-sub 15 connector.
In the audio department, the user can select, through a jumper, between stereo or mono input, depending on the MVS board in-hand. Furthermore, the source audio is also selectable through a push-button:
  • attenuated audio through the JAMMA edge connector.
  • direct line through a 3.5mm jack or a terminal connector.

The terminal connector comes in handy when the subject MVS board is a 1-slot, that is modded for stereo output.

The Shogun is priced at $75 and is available for pre-order over at BeharBro’s shop. While excellent options like the HAS and Sentinel superguns cover both the standard JAMMA and Neo Geo pinouts, the Shogun comes into view as a dedicated, affordable solution for MVS power users.

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