The “Satiator” is an optical drive emulator that works with all models of the Sega Saturn.  It’s 100% plug-and-play and requires no mod:  Simply insert it in the MPEG card slot in the back of the Saturn.

Satiators will be available for purchase soon for $260 plus shipping:

A review of the beta hardware version is available above.  We’ve also regularly posted updates about the project and continue to to track it’s updates and new features:

Satiator Retail Review:

How to use the Save Game Copier:

Custom Action Replay Firmware:  Custom Action Replay Firmware For Satiator

Also, here’s the original 2017 interview with the creator, Professor Abrasive.  Please keep in mind, this was back when interviews were integrated into the Weekly Roundup Podcast, so make sure to skip to the correct timestamp in the video: