RGB-Pi 4.4 Beta 1.2 Released

A new beta software image tailored towards the RGB-Pi hardware is now available to the public.  For anyone new to the product, the RGB-Pi is a device that plugs directly into the GPIO pins of a Raspberry Pi and outputs audio & video over a SCART connector.  The developers of the product have also put a tremendous amount of time into their custom software images that launch each game in their original resolution and refresh rate.  That means for monitors that can handle it, odd-timing games such as Mortal Kombat and NBA Jam can launch and look as smooth as the original.

Both the RGB-Pi and RetroTINK Ultimate have been my favorite Raspberry Pi gaming devices since they were released.  Each has hardware features that might fit someone’s needs better, so check out my hardware review video below to see which might work better for you!  Both require the same Raspberry pi device linked below.

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