Andrew Fiore

PhantomX: A Raspberry Pi-based X68000 Accelerator

The following sites are written in Japanese but can be translated to English in some browsers.

Read the developer’s technical documentation and installation instructions here:

Purchase the PhantomX here (does not include Raspberry Pi; international shipping availability may be limited):

Follow the PhantomX developer GIMON here:

The developer GIMONS recently introduced a Raspberry Pi-based accelerator for the Sharp X68000 computer. This accelerator replaces the socketed MC68000 processor on supported X68000 models, including Ace, Expert, Pro, Super, and XVI (excluding the Compact). Acceleration performance depends on the model of Raspberry Pi model used; supported Pis include Zero, Zero WH, Zero2, 2B, 3A +, 3B, 3B +, 4B. PhantomX users on Twitter discuss improvements including reduced slow-down on games.

The game Salamander (also known as Life Force) running on a PhantomX-accelerated Sharp X68000.

The PhantomX can be ordered for ¥25,000 (about $200 USD at the time of writing) and includes a relocator, baseboard, and SDIP socket. Please note that these kits do not include a Raspberry Pi. Additionally, international shipping availability may be limited, so please read the conditions listed on the sites above.