Open Source VGA Breakout Board

Jacob Proctor has just uploaded an open source design for an easy breakout board designed to fit in VGA connectors.  It’s possible to solder the RGBHV & Ground wires without this board, but I’ve always found soldering directly to the pins to be a pain.

This is an interesting design, as instead of one board that lays across the pins an sticks out either above or below the connector, this incorporates two boards that end up sticking out the back.  This might be a better fit for many applications, including inside VGA connectors for people making their own cables.  According to Jacob, installation is as follows:

Snap the board in half, solder the VGA connector on (all but the bottom row), making sure the pads at the bottom face out. Push the other half of the PCB into the slot and solder the pins to the pads. Solder the pads together at 90 degree angles on the bottom. Attach wires from screw post(s) to pins labeled GND if desired.

The design is inspired by another open source project Dan (citrus3000psi) did awhile back that accomplished the same thing.  There’s also boards like this for the 8-pin and 9-pin MiniDIN connectors that are also a huge help.

Main Github:
Gerber Files:
Compatible VGA Port:

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