NES Music Video Album Kickstarter: Sergio Elisondo’s You Are Error

A Kickstarter campaign for a music video album, Sergio Elisondo‘s You Are Error, was just funded in an impressive seven hours. But this isn’t just any album; these videos are being released on an actual NES cartridge! This is not only quite the technical feat (the cart plays digital video and audio directly through a stock NES, AVS, or NT Mini), but it is the very first of its kind. According to the developers, the album is 100% complete, and is “already tested and everything functions.”

Speaking of the dev team, they are an impressive and distinguished bunch: composer, musician, and visual artist Sergio Elisondo, seasoned NES programming veteran known for his fantastic demonscene and rom-hacking works (among other things) Shiru, and NES hardware master—heard of the AVS, the Wireless Gamepad, the PowerPak, or the iconic 8 Bit XMAS homebrew carts?—RetroUSB.

This is also Sergio Elisondo’s third successful Kickstarter campaign (he also released the first digital audio album on the NES and also released a pair of NES games).

And if this wasn’t all impressive enough, the cart will also feature “some really cool video controls for the viewers! You can Play, Pause, Fast-Forward, Rewind, and Slow Motion.” These features work on all six included videos, and for early backers there will even be a limited quantity of “hand-crafted DUAL CARTS that will house 10 music videos.” The dual carts can be flipped and inserted into the NES from either side. 

If you’re a fan of the NES, or even just of some really sweet tunes, this campaign is definitely worth a close look!