MiSTerFPGA News – MiSTer Clone, New Arcade Cores, Neo Geo Pocket & More

DE10 Nano Clone

Taki Udon posted a video about a DE10 Nano clone that supposed to be 100% compatible with the MiSTer FPGA project. No porting necessary. The video shows the system running the PSX, Saturn and N64 cores among others. Pricing is set to be at $99.


New Public Jotego Cores

Jotego has released the JTSIMSON’s core to the public. There are still some issues that need to be fixed, but anyone can now install it on their MiSTerFPGA’s through updateall. Games that are supported in the JTSIMSON core are:

The Simpsons
Parodius Da!


New Arcade Cores

In addition to the public JTSIMSONs core, Jotego added three new games to the BETA JTSHOUSE core. These games are

Marchen Maze
Boxy Boy


Neo Geo Pocket

Jotego’s team is currently working on adding color support to the beta NeoGeo Pocket core. The plan is to close the core in May.


Sega System 18

Jotego also gave updates to the in development System 18 core. Modules from other cores were used to create it and the big new module is a PCM sound chip. Schematics for the board are also available.

The System 18 can run games like:

Shadow Dancer
Alien Storm & more



A wave of new cores have been ported to MiSTex. More than 40 of Jotego’s cores are now running, including the Simpson and Splatterhouse cores. You can check out the GitHub for a list of working cores and the progress of others in development.


Update MiSTerCade Mappings

MiSTerCade owners can run an update to get mappings for the new games added to the JTSHOUSE core. If you do not have the mappings set up, then you will have to add some lines to the downloader.ini file. You can get these lines from the below GitHub link.


Sega Saturn

The Sega Saturn core has VDP2 fixes that helped the following games:

Galaxy Fight
Capcom Generation 5
Magical Night Dreams Cotton 2
Panzer Dragoon II Zwei
Tenchi Muyou! Rensa Hitsuyou