MiSTer FPGA News – Super Hang-On, PSX Bilinear Filtering & More

MiSTer tty2rpi

Even more projects are coming out based on tty2oled. I’ve recently came across MiSTer_tty2rpi. This one can actually replicate marquees for arcade games.

-It runs on a Raspberry Pi
-Can display JPG’s, PNG’s and almost any video file from an SD card or the network.
-Works with a MiSTer FPGA and the MAME emulator
-Connects over HDMI or a DSI display.


SNK68 CORE (Arcade)

We now have a beta release for the SNK68 core. This is a core for games based on the Ikari Warriors 3 hardware. Games supported are

-POW: Prisoners of War
-Ikari Warriors III: The Rescue
-Street Smart
-Search & Rescue

Since it’s a beta, there are known issues, but you can try the core out yourself, by visiting the projects GitHub page.


Clean Sweep

The mystery TTL game that Jimmy Stones is working on turns out to be arcade game Clean Sweep. This is a game that is almost 50 years old, so it’s really simple. The game had you cleaning dots on the screen using a bouncing ball and a paddle at the bottom of the screen.

All the schematics for the game have been converted to HDL and the developer is already getting video output, but needs to sift through some typo’s to get it into a running state.


Coin-Op Collection Downloader

Darren__O’s and atrac17’s cores will now be easier to download thanks to the work done by theypsilon. They’ve made available a downloader called “Coin-Op Collection” that integrates with update all which will automatically download and organize their cores. Like Jotego’s JT cores, these cores will not be available through MiSTer’s built-in update script.

This downloader will give you the ability to obtain the following cores:
Truxton II
Prehistoric Isle
and many more

It seems if you already have the update all script installed, this downloader will automatically be enabled because I had to do nothing on my end to enable it.


Checkmate Displays

Checkmate has shown some pictures of their displays that allow you to integrate a MiSTer into them.

They show how the MiSTer looks installed on one of the boards that slots in to the back of the display. The back also shows a host of different analog connections. This is pretty cool if you want a consolidated MiSTer setup inside of a monitor. The display will come in 17″ and 19″ versions.

They are not available for purchase yet, but if you want more info then you can head over to their website or check out their YouTube video going over the features of the displays.


Resource for FPGA developers

Core developer Javier posted a link to a web page that can be helpful for FPGA developers. Since memory for the FPGA is scarce, knowing how to implement a controller to access external memory is important. So if you’re interested in core development or you enjoy reading techy info, check out the link.



Raph_Friend on twitter has announced a lower cost version of the JAMMA HIMITSU board. This one is called the SARU version. A beta PCB is in the hands of testers already. This version will not include direct video and other features. You can follow raph_friend on Twitter to get more information on the board.


Super Hang-On

Thanks to FPGA developer Gyurco, who found a fatal bug in the core based on Sega’s Super Scaler games like Out Run, Jotego can now continue work on it. As a result of this breakthrough, we now have a beta core for Super Hangon. The core runs really well and the only known issues are that the road colors are not right and the sprites are displayed over the text layer. You can try out this core if you’ve subscribed to Jotego’s Patreon.


Prehistoric Isle (Arcade)

The Prehistoric Isle core has recieved a few small updates.

-Audio channels are mixed
-an updated Y/C module for those using S-Video or composite.
-There is a H/V sync adjusment for 54.1Hz

You can obtain this core if you have the update all script installed on your MiSTer.


Bank Panic (Arcade)

Pierco has given some updates on the early work being done on Bank Panic. There’s no MiSTer core yet, but he eventually got the simulation displaying the first background layer.


Sky Adventure (Arcade)

Darren__O accidentally stumbled onto schematics for Alpha Denshi’s 68K96V platform, thinking they were schematics for Prehistoric Isle. Because of this happy accident we are now getting a core for Sky Adventure. At the moment there is no sound, but progress seems to be going well.


Playstation Core

Texture filtering for the Playstation core is being improved. Robert added true bilinear filtering to the core. You can check out his twitter page to see images of the improvement.

Accuracy for the core was also improved and the core can now execute instructions from the BIOS with the correct timing.

Finally Robert posted an article on Patreon about the CPU loading data in the background while already executing the next instructions.


Other MiSTer FPGA updates

And other cores recieving fixes and updates are:

Atari 800, 5200
EG2000 (Computer core)