MiSTer FPGA News – R-Type Released,TMNT, PSX Core Anniversary & More

Centipede & Sega/Gremlin Core

Jimmy Stones is used the information he learned from Missile Command to improve Centipede’s trackball support. A updates is now available.

He is also revisiting the Sega/Gremlin Z80 core. He made a recent breakthrough that will help him develop the core further.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Furrtek posted some screenshots on Twitter showing the progress of the TMNT core. They are all from the title screen.


Cosmo Police Galivan & Rodland

pierco has moved his Cosmo Police Galivan core from simulation to the MiSTer FPGA. There’s more issues that need to be fixed before any release is considered.


Truxton II

Some big improvements to the Truxton II core. atrac17 now considers it better than beta, but it’s still not official and needs to be downloaded from Github. Check out all the improvements on atrac17’s public Patreon post.



Darren__O has given some updates to the Ikari Warriors III core. A twitter post shows some decoded sprites.

Another postsshows the core loading with the text layer working. This helps bring up the arcade games builtin self test so Darren__O can see if any memory access is messed up.


Playstation Core

On September 1st, the Playstation core celebrated 1 year of development. I never imagined that we will have such an excellent core so soon. The pace of development has been so impressive and Robert Peip deserves a lot of credit, so consider subscribing to his Patreon to show appreciation.

Robert also gave an update on improvements. The CPU instruction cache can now fetch incomplete cache lines. What does that mean for us mere mortals? Well, the PAL versions of Spyro 2 and 3 are now working.


Neo Geo Pocket

The development for the Neo Geo Pocket core just got some major help. Jotego, hired an engineer to work on the Neo Geo Pocket full time.

A reminder, that if Jotego reaches 4000 Patreon subscibers, he will be able to hire another engineer to help with other cores such as The Simpsons, CPS3, Mortal Kombat and Virtua Fighter.


IREM M72 Core released

The IREM M72 core has been officially released! The games you can currently play with this core are:

Ninja Spirit
Image Fight
Gallop – Armed Police Unit
Legend of Hero Tonma
Air Duel
Dragon Breed
X Multiply
and a quick release of the core added support for Hammerin Harry

Update your MiSTer now to play them.


theypsilon’s custom database creator

theypsilon, who’s the creator the amazing update all script, is giving all users a way to contribute to the MiSTer project. He “wanted to democratize the creation of new custom databases, so that not only programmers or very tech-savvy people can publish and maintain their own ones.”
A recent update now fulfills that goal and anyone can now add a custom database to the MiSTer downloader.


NEW CASIO PV-1000 Core

flandango just released a new core for a early Japanese console called, the PV-1000. This console lasted less than a year in the market and only had 13 games total.


New Pokemon Mini Core

A new core for the obscure Pokemon Mini Nintendo handheld is now available. Reeleased in 2001 one, it was a simple handheld themed around the Pokemon Media franchise. It had interchangeable cartdiges but the games were very simple. A lot simpler than original gameboy games.


Psychic 5 Core Public

Raki has made their Psychic5 core available to the public. The game was developed by NMK and published by Jaleco. You can download the core from Github and manually install it on your MiSTer FPGA.


Snow Bros 2

atrac17 has released a test core for Snow Bros 2 on a public Patreon post. This game used very similar hardware to Truxton II so it wasn’t difficult to add. Download the core from the Patreon post and copy the files to your MiSter FPGA.


Other Miscellaneous Updates

And other miscellaneous MiSTer fixes and updates are:

The Raizing core had some sound fixes for Sorcer Striker and Kingdom Grand Prix.
The core was also made compatible with more SDRAM modules.
And the PCXT core received several improvements