MiSTer FPGA News – OutRun Core Coming Soon, Saturn Updates & More

Overclocked Main Kernel

An option to overclock the ARM CPU is officially coming to MiSTer, the overclock changes have already been merged into Main but an official release is not out yet.

Things that an overclock will help with are:
-Hybrid emulation efforts on the ao486 and Amiga cores.
-Slightly reduced game loading times on some cores
-Increased MUNT performance
-An underclock option will also be available.

This feature will be disabled by default if you don’t feel comfortable overclocking.


Playstation Core

The Playstation core has been officially updated and with this release, there are 3 new features, some fixes and also accuracy improvements.

New features
-Bilinear filtering for textures
-24bit color rendering
-8MB RAM for homebrew

Future feature:
-480i to 480p hack to get rid of combing artifacts in some games.



Anton Gale has given us some more updates on the Exerion arcade core. Thanks to the core’s beta testers the sound is playing correctly, background issues have been fixed and DIP switch settings have been implemented.

The core is at a point that it’s ready for a public release. Anton Gale plans to release the core and it’s source code on November 11th.


Downloader version 1.6

The official MisterFPGA downloader has reached version 1.6. The two big features in this update are

-Up to a 2.5x speed increase
-New PC Launcher, for updating a MiSTer install using a desktop computer.


Saturn Core

srg320 has posted an update to the Saturn core. There were updates to pretty much all of the Saturns chips to either fix or get more games working. Some games affected are:

-House of the Dead
-Daytona USA
-Mech Warrior 2 and more

Remember there are no official releases for this core. However, users have compiled the source code so we can try out the core ourselves. Expect a lot of issues as this core is still under heavy development.



The PCXT core has had a lot of updates. Of note are:

-Added Microsoft mouse driver via CTMOUSE 1.9
-OSD was reworked to match other computer cores that have Floppy and HDD options.
-Improved simulated composite
-XTCTL DOS program that can configure the core before running a game.


Out Run

The Out Run core is finally at a point where it’s ready for a beta release and things are in preparation for that release. Jotego usually releases his cores on a Friday so we will most likely see the release next Friday.

Note that Jotego releases all his beta cores to Patreon subscribers first. As soon as they are stable enough he then releases them to the public.


Other MiSTer FPGA Updates

-Raizing (Arcade)
-X68000 (Computer)
-C16 (Computer)
-ZX Spectrum, Vectrex, Vector-06C, VIC20
-Joust 2 arcade
-Ondra SPO 186