MiSTer FPGA News – GroovyMiSTer, Vectrex, Pac-Mania & More


Tom Wilse is creating a official mascot for the TapTo project named Taparoo. Expect the mascot to show up on TapTo branded products.

Andrea Bogazzi also updated the TapTo designer with a modal for the print options. It now supports optional crop marks and work is being done to add some kind of support for automated cutters.

Aitor Gomez Garcia is updated his for of MiSTer main with TapTo integration. The new feature in it is the ability to load games with a system logo. It also looks like there are plans to merge these tapto changes to the official repository as Aitor has made updates will will make it easier to merge with it.


ModalModule, who brought us the Gameboy MIDI core that lets you plug in MIDI instruments and create music using the Gameboys audio hardware, seems to be creating a MIDI core for the Capcom CPS2 hardware.

He’s posted several video’s of the core in action. It’s unclear if it will be publicly released.


If you have an oscilloscope, you can now make the Vectrex core more accurate. Jokippo on GitHub, forked the Vectrex core to output XYZ signals that are compatible with an oscilloscope. It does require a circuit to be created that plugs into the VGA port, and gives you BNC connectors.


Jotego has added support for Pac-Mania to the JTHOUSE core that runs Namco System 1 games. This is core is still in beta, but Jotego also implemented more fixes to the JTHOUSE and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles core in preparation for a public release.

N64 Core Official Release

The N64 core is now offcially available for download through the standard updater. However, the dev Robert, is taking a break from core development and is planning on doing some retro game development. He still plans on updating his current cores and will also get back into core development in the future.

Groovy MiSTer

Groovy MiSTer can now use inputs from controllers connected directly to a MiSTerFPGA. This will only work with the GroovyMAME and Mednafen emulators.


The AmigaVision project has had the following updates:

28MHz default clock speed.
Some PAL games now run a 50Hz instead of 60Hz (You can still force NTSC speed in the options).
TapTo and Super Atract Mode integration.
Demo’s from Revision 2024 are now part of the package.
And more.