Unofficial INLretro Dumper-Programmer Case Released

Last month, I purchased an INLretro Dumper-Programmer and began using it almost immediately. However, without a case, the solder points on the bottom of the PCB left marks on my desk (which my wife still hasn’t found out about). Having a 3d printer and CAD knowledge, I designed a basic case for the device. The official site states one will be made whenever the product is finalized but I couldn’t wait, and now you don’t have to either.

It uses 5x #4 x 1/2 inch screws to keep secure in place.

The board does not have a screw hole on the bottom right corner, causing the board to not be 100% flush with the bottom of the case. Adjustments were made to accommodate the solder joints and screws for the components in that area.


Print Settings using Prusa mk3:

  • Filament: PLA (Prusament was used)
  • Layer Height: 0.20mm (first layer) and 0.15mm remainder
  • Infill: 10%
  • Infill Design: Gyroid
  • Top Fill Pattern: Rectilinear
  • Supports: Not Needed
  • Hardened Steel Nozzle: 230 (first layer) and 225 remainder
  • Bed Temperature: 65 throughout
  • Print Time: 2 hours 57 minutes


I am releasing the STL and GCODE (do not use and reslice if you have a different model 3d printer) for free for anyone to print here. If you do not have a printer and would like one, I am offering them for sale here (USA, Canada and Mexico only).