Vanessa (Vanessaira)

MVG Test the Polymega SEGA Genesis Module

Modern Vintage Gamer recently received the beta test SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive module for the Polymega, and as such put out a video running it through its paces.  In his review he showcased the current capabilities of the Genesis module and what potential users could expect from the Polymega in its current iteration.  MVG performed game compatibility test with several notable titles, including the more recent homebrew releases like Tanglewood, Pier Solar, Xeno Crisis, and Ultra Core.  He also perform compatibility checks on other devices such as the EverDrive or MegaSD.  First party controller compatibility is tested as well as using more modern 3rd party wireless controllers with this module.

One major aspect MVG took to focusing on in his video was the emulation accuracy and accuracy of sound.  The SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive is noted for having various hardware revisions and thus variances in the image and sound recreation tied to those revisions.  With this often leading to no clear cut standard but matters of subjective opinion or preferences from the lovers of the console.

The Polymega module is using a custom version of the Kega Fusion emulator, and in MVG’s example he set his baseline comparison to that of a NTSC/J Model 1 Mega Drive.  With this he was able to showcase examples of both sound and image differences between the emulation and real hardware.  MVG also noted that he wished he could use Artemio Urbina 240p Test Suite and MDFourier software on the Polymega, but no such capability exist at this time.

In the end MVG gives his impressions so far of the Polymega and the addon module, as well as talking about the cost and interest for potential customers.  Be sure to watch his video so you can results from his findings as well as his opinions on the module.  Also a side note to this video saw Polymega take action to look into their test setup and start work on further correcting issues with the system.