Affiliate Links

To comply with legal requirements, please assume all links from official RetroRGB accounts are affiliate links in which we get a small monetary portion of the sale.

It is now a law that people disclose when affiliate links are used, but that’s much too complicated to weave into each link on this website, YouTube page or social media accounts, not to mention there generally aren’t enough characters available in Twitter to explain which links are affiliates and why.

RetroRGB is funded by a combination of donations and affiliate links.  We will never, ever have popups or ads that cover pages, but the site has always either had an ad toolbar on the right with links to relevant items, Amazon links in posts and affiliate links to any store that offers them.  Without these links, the site and everything it’s involved in would disappear.

Also, please note that no one from RetroRGB has ever, or will ever accept a “paid promotion” without explicitly disclosing that information.  Said differently, if we post/tweet/etc something we like, it means we’re posting our honest opinion, regardless of whether the link is an affiliate program or not.  We have had stores send us things to review, but have always disclosed that info multiple times in each page or video.  Our views were always honest and not always positive either.

Said differently:  No one will ever pay us to say something, only for our time and honest opinions.