Lockdown Giveaway Week #6: HD Retrovision Cable Bundle

This week, CastleMania Games and HD Retrovision have teamed up to give you an entire component video cable set!  This includes both the Super Nintendo and Genesis HD Retrovision cables, as well as all of the adapters that allow you to use the Genesis 2 cables on a Genesis 1, PlayStation1, Sega Saturn and Neo Geo AES.

It doesn’t stop there, CastleMania is also throwing in direct component video cables for the Wii and PlayStation 2&3, as well as plug to plug and plug to receptacle RCA component cables!

This is an amazing way for anyone to switch over their collection to high quality component video and I’m really grateful for the donations!  Here’s links to everything we’re giving away, in case you’d just like to purchase them directly:

Super Nintendo Component Video Cable:
PlayStation 2 & 3 Component Video Cable:
Wii / Wii U Component Video Cable:
RCA Connector Component Video Cable:
RCA Component Video Extension Cable:
Genesis 2 Component Cable:

Genesis 1 Adapter:
PlayStation 1 Adapter:
Sega Saturn Adapter:
Neo Geo AES Adapter:  Discontinued!

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