Lockdown Giveaway #3: Retro Fighters Controller Bundle

Welcome to week #3 of the Lockdown Giveaway!  This week, CastleMania Games has donated a Retro Fighters controller bundle…including the not-yet released Dreamcast controller! That’s right, this isn’t a prototype, but an actual production sample of the StrikerDC…it’s exactly what you’ll get when it releases, just without the box! CastleMania is also throwing in both a USB and N64 version of the Brawler 64 controller, which has so far gotten great reviews. The N64 version is a great replacement for the original and the USB version even works on the Switch! Lastly, there’s a Brawler Gen controller as well that works with the Switch, Genesis Mini and pretty much all other USB devices. All four should make for a pretty awesome bundle that shows off the Retro Fighter line of products!

Striker DC:
Brawler 64 (N64):
Brawler 64 (USB):
Brawler Gen (USB):

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