CDX / Multi-Mega 3BP Install

Mobius Strip Tech has just successfully tested a Genesis Triple Bypass installation on a Sega CDX!  Here’s his installation pictures (click all for full-sized) and some notes on the install:

  • Triple Bypass Board should be GOAC-YM3438
  • R123-R124: 75.0kohms
  • All other values are retained.
  • PSG 1 and PSG 2 MUST both be connected to PSG pad on Triple Bypass Board.  Without both, audio will be missing from either CD or Genesis side, or both.

Where to tap RGBs:

Here’s where to get RGB and ground to send to the triple bypass board.  You’ll find the sync pin in the audio section pictures below.


Where To Tap Audio:

Here’s where to get the audio inputs of the triply bypass board:


Output To DIN

Removing these components and connecting the outputs of the 3BP to this location will allow you to feed the signals to the DIN without running wires around the board:


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