Behar Bros Release Kuro “Plus” Dreamcast Box

The Behar Bros have just released an updated version of their Kuro Dreamcast VGA box called the Kuro Plus.  It’s a cross between the Toro and original Kuro with dual outputs, but no scanline generator.  At $60, it seems to be a great solution for Dreamcast fans wanting analog output:

Unfortunately, some Sony BVM users will still require a separate sync combiner, as certain models aren’t compatible with the method the Behar Bros’ use to combine sync.  Luckily, things like Extron RGB interfaces can be found for less than $20 on eBay and will work with all RGBHV to RGBs conversion, making it a device all Sony BVM 480p owners should have anyway.

Based on the specs, this seems to be my new favorite device for people needing a solution that works with both an RGB monitor and a VGA monitor as well!

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